My New Cat Brandy

2006-04-30 17:16 - General

This past Friday evening, I stopped by on my way home to meet a cat I was considering adopting, named Brandy. Apparently the name came from the story the rescuer had of her: She was living in the basement of a liquor store, and now that she wasn't a kitten anymore, the owners girlfriend didn't want her anymore. I'm not sure if that name will stick, but it well might because I'm not so hot at picking pet names.

The moment I met her, I could tell she was a great cat, she was super friendly, and continues to be. Chatted with the lady that had her for a bit, then she was in a box and on her way home with me. There were problems immediately though. I never would have expected it, but my first cat, Tegs was VERY unhappy to have furry four-legged company. Right away, she started making this sound, I'm sure it's got an official name but I haven't a clue. It was a sort of humming moan, it seemed a bit like a cat trying to growl like a dog, but more whiny. Those sounds would usually be followed by some nasty hissing. She clearly wasn't pleased.

I did my best over the next days to acquaint them as best I could. I already fell for Brandy and didn't want to have to take her back. Things didn't seem to be going very well. I thought I detected signs of less noises, less scurrying and scared-ed-ness, but I couldn't tell if it was wishful thinking or not.

Finally this morning, it was clear. Tegs is still a bit out of sorts, but she's clearly coming around. She would let Brandy come much closer before making noise, and here and there would come closer herself, to sniff out the new meat. The segregation ("You stay in that room, I'll stay in this one, and nobody will get hurt!") was waning, both cats could move more freely. Joy! It was nice to see Tegs relaxing again, and I caught her asleep on the window sill. Too bad I woke her up when I got the shot.

So, now that I'm much more confident that I am going to keep her, I can post the pictures! At first, Brandy spent a lot of time hiding under the bed while Tegs was being a menace. But she never seemed very intimidated, and would come out to stretch and walk around or just sit still. But she's not still much, while there's a human around to cuddle, she'll stalk it until she succeeds. And she climbs like a monkey, if not me, then the scratching post.

And she cuddles in bed too. Something Tegs would do only on occasion, and never if I moved around much. So, a nice cat to have around for company!


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