New Job, First Day

2004-12-13 19:20 - General

Well, mark down day one! Lots of standard first day stuff. Biggest plus is the reaffirmation that I'll have the pleasure of working with peers rather than ... people. Day started horribly. I ended up in a crowded train for my commute, and the people packed in like sardines plus my leather jacket gave me .. I don't know what to call it, but I was so hot I nearly got sick.

Once I got to 14th street in Manhattan, I got off the express train and things immediately got better. I was also a half hour ish early. Yes, being early when you show up at 9AM is a happy thing. Once I got of the train, I could switch to the local to get me a bunch closer, or walk a few blocks. Especially since I was feeling terribly hot, and it was cold outside being December, I walked. Refreshing.

Of course, the whole time I was in comfortable clothes because the dress code is casual. Then, wonder of wonders, after working a few hours, I went on my lunch break! It's been 15 months of working without one, and boy was it nice to do that again! I continued getting oriented for most of the day. Got down to a little work finally towards 5PM, and before I left, I was actually told that I didn't have to stay so late. Sweet.


First Comment!
2005-02-24 23:28 - cyberrodent
Your job sounds great - I have a feeling your coworkers are extraordinary folks - and modest too!

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