New kitty!

2004-10-11 21:27 - General

In short, I have gotten myself a cat. She's truly great, a real dear. She'll purr at the drop of a hat. While office kitty would often grab you with her paws so she could bite you if you tried to pet her, she'll grab you so she can kiss you, and you can barely notice her claws. She's even using the little pet bed my mom gave to me as I type this!

I headed back to New Jersey for the weekend on Saturday morning. It turns out that there's just not any place I can get to (subway/bus) easily in town. So I got all the supplies I'll need, and I got the cat from a shelter near my mom's house. She's about a year old, I knew when I started I wanted to adopt and I wouldn't get a kitten, I'd give a slightly older cat a chance. I saw so many I wish I could have adopted, but just one for now =( Especially once I got this one home. She's really great with people, very affectionate, but quite unnerved by other animals. I had office kitty for the weekend, and plus my mom's dog to have her meet when we got home. Nothing truly bad happened, but all three were quite on edge, and separated by doors when we couldn't attend them to be safe. By the way, she's nameless yet. Naming things is not my strength, so I'm taking my time.

Okay! Now for the pictures! There's ten, so we'll skip the thumbnails and just go for it. Mostly new kitty, some nice shots of office kitty mixed in.

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A name starting with "M"
2004-10-13 13:02 - Lieuallen
Given the pattern on her forehead (especially visible in the first photo), a name starting with "M" seems appropriate!

(Note that this "M" pattern is fairly common in domestic short-hair tabby cats -- a factoid courtesy of your friendly neighborhood veterinarian! See
Tegs it is!
2004-10-13 16:16 - arantius
The shelter had named her Cosmo. Which, in my opinion, just doesn't work for a girl. Tegs jokingly said "So you're naming it Tegs, right?" to me once. So I thought... I should do it!
Then I set up the appointment with the vet, and he asked for her name. I wasn't 100% settled, but it was the closest I got. I guess it's down on paper now, so it's official.

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