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2004-07-20 20:50 - General

So there's a few new things, again. I like new things! First is the news, which you can find in the navigation bar above. As usual, though it works, it's not truly finished. Right now you see all news feeds. Soon you'll be able to choose which you see and perhaps in which order. Feeds are all updated semi-randomly, but never more frequently than once per half hour.

Best of all, though, is the "Mark All Read" button. This records the current time. Any new headlines loaded after that time will then show with a different color list dot. Even better, you can filter which headlines show, to new only, both, or old only, with the very conspicuous form at the top of the news page. Nice huh?

You've also probably noticed the google search box on the top right. Yep that's new. No, I do not need revenue. It might not stay, but it was a bit of fun to set up. I'll likely keep the search, at the very least. Applying for the search was the same process, so I just figured I'd toss the ad in to see how it went. I think it makes the site look a bit official ;-)


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