Nifty New Bag

2007-07-23 12:35 - General

I went out for errands and dinner Saturday night, and ended up in the local department store. I wasn't planning on it, but I got a new bag to replace the messenger-style (one strap) bag that I carry around with me to hold all the stuff I commute with: emergency umbrella, pens and notebook, novel for entertainment, etc. The bag I had, I've been using for a few years and it's starting to wear a little thin on the hinges that attach the strap to the bag itself.

Some very nifty models caught my eye as I was walking through the store. But in that section, the things were a minimum of $60 for some rather crappy things, or $150 for nice looking ones. Turned them over pretty quick. But, as I was leaving, I saw a display of more-or-less standard backpacks. It seems that these days almost all of them come with a teeny little pocket for putting some sort of audio device into, with a little hole to snake the headphone wire out of.

I noticed a rather attractive bag with the Swiss Army logo on it, I think it might have been the Acadia. Generally well balanced, organized, etc. Then, this orange thing behind it caught my eye. It was the JanSport Trinity. Not only does it have one of those special iPod pouches, I noticed a dock connector in there. It's got buttons wired into the right strap so that you can control it, even while it's neatly (and safely!) tucked away. Awesome.

There was no price tag on it though. Nothing at all besides the bag itself, and an anti-theft dongle. It was the only one there. I took it to the desk to ask how much it cost, and generally got confused looks. A stock boy must have overheard, and came over confidently pronouncing that it cost $29.97. He went over to the rack I got it from, and came back with another bag, which I'm pretty sure was a cheaper model. They scanned it and used its price, anyways. So I probably got a good deal as well as a cool new bag. Hurray!


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