No big news, except

2004-11-15 21:36 - General

I've still got very little to post. What time I spend in the day writing things I'm still dedicating mostly to my programming tutorial which has a long way to go. I have made an update to my password maker bookmarklet though. A little tweak that hit me earlier today.

There is one bit of news though. Within the past few weeks, four (of sixteen before it began) people in my company got laid off. It's not an exciting situation to be in. And worse. it's pushing me heavily into management which is not something I ever wanted to do. So I'm looking for something else. And I have an interview on Friday! I'm excited. But my last interview I ended up second choice (first loser!) so I'm already getting pessimistic, and I just got the call this afternoon. Well, let's see if I survive the week...


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