Pre-Flop Poker Hand Stats

2010-10-03 12:37 - General

I've rekindled my interest in Texas Hold'em Poker, a bit of practicing and strategizing to improve my chances of winning. I got to thinking a bit about what to do pre-flop, and started drawing out a 3D graph of chances of having the best hand, by the pre-flop cards. I even imagined writing a computer simulation to figure out the exact values. Well, I found a chart of the data so I threw it into pretty much exactly the chart I was imagining.



These graphs are for six players. Ignore the trough in the middle, it's impossible to hold a suited pair so those got graphed as zeros.The number of players makes a big difference. Being suited improves your chances, but only slightly. For example, AK suited has a 31.1 percent chance, but AK offsuit has just 27.9. It's nearly impossible to read these graphs back to those values, but it is an interesting thing to keep in your head, to refer to in general.

Notice especially that, for example, holding a 7 in your hand at all means you don't even reach a 25% chance, but holding an ace at all means you're never below a 20% chance. And pocket pairs are obviously nice to have.


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