Printable Singularity Chess

2014-04-08 23:58 - General

Some short while back, I discovered Singularity Chess. A chess variant where the board has been warped by a singularity (i.e. black hole), thus all of the "squares" are actually rounded, causing moves to be warped around curves where they would normally move in straight lines.

It seemed interesting, but I couldn't try it out for myself effectively. I couldn't find anything to download online to make it easier. So I decided to make one. I grabbed the first image of the board, then rotated and perspective corrected it to be a more perfect shot from directly above. (I assumed the four visible corners were originally rectangular for this step.) Then I started measuring the dimensions of the image I produced.

The result is the SVG image singularity-chess-v1.xml. It looks just like the beautiful wooden board from the original post, but it should be cheap and easy to print out, to try the game with a lower barrier to entry. It is intended to fit onto 11x17" paper, but letter (8.5x11") would work in a pinch, if you have small pieces.


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