Pulse Restored

2004-07-30 17:06 - General

Ok doctor, sorry to have caused you so much stress, but the patient's pulse has returned, everything is alright again. He did give us quite a scare though!

So, this site is hosted, with permission, on a machine at work that I administer, through the office's T1 line. It mostly goes to waste anyway. But when we came in on Wednesday, all was not well. Our T1 line was dead, and lots of things were going wrong. We are supposed to have automatic failover to the DSL line we also have, which wouldn't handle this site but would keep the office running. It half worked.

It took far too long, but Verizon came in and fixed the line, then we had to get our ISP to look into it, turns out the T1 card in the cisco router was fried. Electrical damage related to the recent foul weather around here is our best guess. So they were finally here today and replaced the busted part and we're back in business.

Aren't you so happy!?!


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