Thanksgiving '04

2004-11-29 15:14 - General

An eventful few weeks for me. I've meant to set some of this down so long that it's all piled up! In short: I interviewed for and was accepted for what seems like a great job. I tell my boss, and he doesn't take it well, promises to change anything necessary to keep me, and promises big raises. Thing is it's not all about the money. It's about the daily aggriviation I have at this place, and potentially working in an environment that stimulates me, and I can enjoy, rather than tolerating barely.

This all happened the Friday and Monday/Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Then I went home and did a whole lot of little things, including building a pretty nice scratching post from scratch (pun intended) for my cat. Then...

So it's the next Monday. I call the place and ask to talk to some management type that I might be able to discuss financials. Explain all the little perks I have here which actually really add up. Explain the big raises my current boss promises. And they say ..... they have to talk about it, and they'll call me back later in the day. Oh-my-gosh! I can't stand the waiting. How did they take it? What will they say? Where will I end up. Oooh eaarrrhhhgg I can't handle the waiting!


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