The Second Movie I Guess I Need To See

2007-07-31 20:02 - General

So, somewhere around a year ago, at my last job, one day they let a movie crew come in and shoot some scenes in the office. They still made us come in and "work" though not a lot got done thanks to the interruptions. They told us that it was Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, and there's a very slight off chance that I'm "in" it, surely quite fuzzy in the distance. But once it comes out, I'll watch for myself in the red shirt I had on that day.

Well, now I'm involved in another movie. I sold the bike I rescued from my mother's basement last year; it was a nice bike but it's too small for me too ride, and I've got another. The guy that actually came when he said he wanted it told me it was for a movie. He just left, and when he was here, he told me it's for a movie called The Sophomore (check the "also known as") starring Bruce Willis, shooting in New Jersey. I suppose I'm going to need to watch that one for my old bike, too!


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