Tony Trivia: 26 Pushups

2008-06-18 22:52 - General

Thanks to reddit, I discovered the hundred push ups training program just a few minutes ago. I might be a computer programmer by both hobby and trade, but there is a whiff of machismo floating around somewhere in my nether regions. Little enough that I seriously doubt I'll adopt this regimen, but I did at least have to respond to that obviously-engineered-to-incite "Actually, I'm sure many of you can't even do 10."

So how many? If you read the title of this post, you know. Twenty six. To be honest, the last two or three really took all I had and I could easily be one off in either direction, counting in my head became surprisingly difficult. And I'm typing this with arms that are yelling at me. But according to the initial test at least I'm in rank 3 (of 7, higher is better). Not a total couch potato slob. And I did real push-ups. Held my entire body straight (no lifting from the knees or bending at the waist to cheat), and I went from elbows-locked to nose-almost-touching-the-floor. Should I be thumping my chest now, too?


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