Upgraded Tivo

2009-09-28 11:41 - General

The insides of my TiVo, while I had it open.  Notice the new '1.0TB' drive in the top right!

The info screen of my freshly upgraded TiVo, up from 21 to 157 HD hours!

Over the weekend, I took it upon myself to upgrade the storage in my TiVo device. It was something I faintly wanted ever since I started using a DVR (from the cable company). The TiVo, however, organizes shows better, so having a lot more recorded at once won't get in the way as much. It also does its suggestions feature, which I enjoy. It's a bit hit-or-miss, but there are some real gems in there. It's nice to have something to watch, which I decide to see on the spur of the moment (rather than in advance). My hope/expectation is that all this space will leave plenty of room for interesting suggestions to be there when I'm bored.

On the left you can see a shot I took of the TiVo itself, while it was open. Plus the "System Information" screen where the estimated recording capacity is displayed. Stock, it says it can do 21 hours of HD content. Now it says 157! Almost too much. But certainly not too little. One of the reasons I was glad to get a TiVo — I couldn't have taken the leased cable company box apart to upgrade it!

P.S. Google subscribes heartily to the eat your own dogfood principle. As a result, they gave me an Android powered phone to carry around. It's a MyTouch 3G which is a pretty nice device overall, but as you can see the camera certainly leaves something to be desired. It seems impossible to hold it still enough to get a clear shot.


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