Video Game Rentals

2008-12-31 14:41 - General

Over this rather nice holiday season, I got in the gift-buying mood, and got myself a Playstation 3, not to mention a nice new TV to use it with. I have already switched my Netflix account to start sending me Blu-Ray instead of standard DVDs now that I can handle them. I'm having a good time playing GTA IV, to boot. I got that, plus MGS4, along with the (used) Playstation. But I'm wondering how I should go about obtaining other games. Buying used is relatively safe and cheap, and the cost can be mostly recouped by selling them again. You can also rent, of course. Since games are more expensive than movies (I guess) though, the game rental services are much more expensive than the movie renting services. How much? For one-at-a-time plans:

RentZero$13.95 (Yearly: $9.95)
GameMine$14.95 (Yearly: $11.95)

Or basically $15/mo, for just one at a time. Plus, from a quick review, they generally seem to provide lesser service than I'm used to from Netflix. I'll probably hold off for at least a little while.


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