Video Games and Printer Serendipity

2007-08-25 15:02 - General

So, this post will weave an interesting path through a bunch of disparate topics that, through the miracle of real life, have somehow woven themselves together for me. This past week was my first after coming back from a week off work on vacation. Just before that vacation, I had seen a Game Boy Micro sitting on a coworkers' desk. It looked nifty, but I didn't know what it was so I asked. I was amazed. I spent a little time looking around, and decided they could be had for pretty cheap, and started planning to buy one for myself.

After a bit more looking, though, I decided that a Nintendo DS was really what I wanted. I found one for sale on craigslist, and arranged to pick it up the morning that I was leaving town for my vacation. I spent an hour each way on the subway to meet the guy selling it, but he never showed, never answered his phone. I spent (some of) the week I planned to be playing with the thing on finding out I could buy a new one for about the same price. So, finally, I did.

It arrived yesterday afternoon, and I was stoked. But I don't have any games for it yet. Near home is a game store that also has some used games. Used = cheap, so I stopped by on my way home. I couldn't decide on any I actually wanted that day, so I started walking home from there, at the subway stop just before where I normally get off. Seems like it was trash day, there was a lot lying around to be picked up. As I was walking, I was somewhat surprised to notice my printer, the exact same model, lying at the end of someone's driveway. I thought for the briefest moment that I should pick it up, but continued walking. After a block, I thought I should have checked it for ink cartridges, but didn't go back.

Later that same day, I turned on my printer and it locked up. I unplugged it, plugged it back in, and it wouldn't turn back on. After a moment or two of hesitation, I jumped on my bike and pedaled back to check and yes, the printer was still there. I brought it home and it worked just fine. Of course, then when I checked, my original printer worked again, too. But now I have a spare should it ever really break!

Finally, for an extra bit of serendipity, there's been a "no parking" notice up in the lobby of my apartment building since just before I left for vacation. Turns out they're resurfacing the parking lot just outside my window. Last night I noticed my bike tires were a little low, so I brought the bike inside to pump them up. I woke up this morning to the noise of workers grinding away the concrete, very shortly where my bike would have been if it was in its normal spot because I didn't move it.


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