Watch Mania

2015-11-01 22:22 - General

A short while back something made me wonder what a Rolex really costs. It's a lot. But despite not wanting to spend thousands, I was still left with a hankering for a different wristwatch. Long story short, now I've got a collection. Today I had to fix them all thanks to daylight savings, so I decided it was a decent time to take a picture.

Left to right: a Casio with a camera built in, a Casio which can record voice memos, a Highgear with thermometer and barometer built in (I wore this before the one I regularly wore before this collection exploded), a Casio calculator watch, a Nike with several workout-tracking features, and a really big display, a TI ez430 programmable, a Seiko (a very old gift) analog quartz, a Seiko UC-2000 (an awesome vintage dot-matrix watch with external keyboard for note taking), the Citizen Skyhawk (solar powered, no winding, no batteries!) I wore just before building this collection, and a Casio AW80D.

And there's what ended up being a few purely mechanical watches still in the slow-boat mail from India. But I'm done buying watches now, I swear. Except a couple quirky ones I'm watching on eBay, but only if they stay cheap, I swear!


So you
2016-03-29 15:34 - tegs

What I was going to say, is this is precisely you ;)


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