Window Perch for my Cats

2013-05-04 14:35 - General

Tegs, cramped in the jamb where the lower window sash normally fits when it Tegs and Brandy, both comfortably enjoying the new perch.

There's a rare few beautiful weeks in New York's spring and fall where its nice outside, and it's nice opening the windows. When I do that, my cats climb up into the jamb of the open window and cram themselves into that far-too-small space, they enjoy being there so much. I've been meaning to improve this space for them for a while, and never gotten around to it. This morning I finally did. I took the old already-carpet-covered plywood plank that was a ramp from the window sill up to the loft bed in my old apartment. Cut it to length, cut out some space in the corners to fit around the window jamb (which this perch rests on across the whole width for support), and screwed some cleats to the walls next to the window.

I think I need to also provide a better way for them to climb up there, long term. But they've stayed put when I placed them there for the past half hour now, so I'm already pretty sure this was worth the effort!


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