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2007-05-20 13:58 - General

I very rarely go to the bank. Every few weeks, at most, I'll get some cash. Every few months, perhaps, I have a check to deposit. Both of those, even, I use the ATM for. Since I go so rarely, I never remember my account number, which is supposed to be written on the deposit slip, when I'm there, so I have to prepare ahead of time for a deposit anyways. So, to make life even easier, I usually have a few extra ATM deposit envelopes sitting around at home. I fill it out at my leisure, and the process actually at the bank is quick and easy.

Last night, I was a bit bored and I got a hankerin' for some donuts. I decided to go out past the ATM, to deposit a check and get some cash, and pop by Dunkin' Donuts on the way back. Got dressed, decided it was a little chilly out and put on an extra layer, walked out the front door ... And I saw only then that it was raining. Balked. Didn't wanna deal with the rain, so I came back in and put a movie on.

This morning, I still had that donut hankerin'. So, I showered and ate breakfast and got dressed like any normal weekday morning, and headed out for my errands. Decided to do a quick trip to the grocery store on the way, to boot. It's right next door to the bank.

So, as I'm walking there, I get to an intersection and see a cop car pull up. I have the usual thought about being careful about the signal when I cross the street; jaywalking isn't something you ever get prosecuted for, but you still don't usually go and do it right in front of the cops. So, as I'm approaching the intersection, I see that I have the signal anyways, no worry. One car is in line for the carwash that happens to be right there, stopped just past the crosswalk, still mostly in it. I head around him, then have to cut a bit to get in front of the cop car, who is also stopped in the crosswalk. But I don't make it. Despite the fact that the light is red Mr. Police Man decides he's special enough to run the light.

The mailbox is right on that corner, and as I'm still watching the cop slowly drawing away, I drop the Netflix envelope I was carrying into the mailbox. I continue down the block, and see the same car (I noted the plate number) parked behind 3 other cop cars, right there. Ooooh, seems like the situation really was drastic enough to excuse running a red light!

It's just moments after this that I realize that my hands are now empty. Oops! My deposit envelope went right in the mailbox with the Netflix envelope, thanks to my distracted-at-the-law-enforcers-breaking-the-law state of disgust. T'will be interesting to see what happens. I wonder if the PO will deliver it to the bank? No address on it that I know of, but HSBC isn't exactly a tiny unknown bank. And now that I think of it, I think I forgot to endorse the check, so it will probably come back to me, in the best case, anyways. Sigh.


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